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Bowfire's winter US tour continues to sell out houses and win rave reviews. Press comments include:

"Among many standouts Wednesday night at Strathmore Music Center were "Czardas Caprice," in which St. John's fingers moved so quickly as to be almost invisible; and "Lazy Ray," involving the attempted seduction of Wendy Solomon's cello by Lew Mele's bass, three violins, that electric erhu (a two-string Chinese folk instrument that never before sounded like this), and -- with eventual success -- Bernie Senensky's piano." - Washington Post

"They're flashy, they're multitalented and they're in town. "Bowfire," a ten-part string group, is making its rounds across the country, bringing forth a show that will knock the socks off of instrumental music fans everywhere.

With a thrilling two hour set, "Bowfire" makes for one of the most breathtaking onstage string performances that Strathmore's music center has hosted, showing off a musical fusion of modern fiddling and classical compositions." - Silver Chips Online

The tour continues until April 8th

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