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I just saw you all last night in Oakland, and felt compelled to share the experience.

A few months back I noticed that The Roots were coming to town with Erykah Badu. I got really excited, noticed that tix had just gone on sale, and clicked a link hurriedly to find good seats (knowing this show would sell out).

Knowing that everyone and their mom would be trying to see The Roots, I told Ticketmaster to give me the best that they had, and purchased said tickets. Imagine my surprise when I checked Gmail and found that I had bought tickets to Bowfire.

Still confused (turns out I'm a flaming idiot and clicked the wrong link), I visited your website. I have also been impressed by amazing violin playing, and by the time Kashmir came on, I was hooked.

When I got to the theater with my girlfriend, I looked at the tickets and the seat said VI - so I was apologizing that we were in the back of the theater. Turned out that VI was the very front row, as in, the very front row, and we were dead center. I was the tall white guy in his twenties screaming and cheering in case you noticed me.

You are the most talented performers I've ever seen, and I have never watched an entire show with my mouth open before. I was absolutely floored. Your performance left my girlfriend and I speechless. We didn't even know how to describe how impressive the music and showmanship was.

I'm drum for a few local Indie rock bands, and have drug my girlfriend to a lot of shows (she likes country, I like Rage Against the Machine - so we're pretty much made for each other) and she said this was the most impressive show she's seen and I completely agree.

That mistaken ticket sale turned into the greatest show I've seen in an incredibly long time, and I cannot wait for you to return to the bay area!!!

Thanks so much, and best luck with the tour,

- Thanks Chris!

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