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The Show - Bowfire

Bowfire is the Total String Sensation... Virtuosity in the hands of Masters.

The hottest new show to hit the stage is quickly becoming a major international success. It is at once an exceptionally high quality music experience and a fast paced theatrically staged show.

Bowfire has continually proven itself to be a "must see" event everywhere it is presented, with audiences clamoring for more and standing ovations routine. Bowfire presents an "All Star Show" of the finest lineup of fiddle and violin virtuosos ever assembled on one stage. It takes its audiences on a musical journey that moves seamlessly from Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, Celtic, Rock, Gypsy, World, Texas Swing and Ottawa Valley and Cape Breton styles and mixes in incredible step and tap dancing and a beautiful voice. All of this gets wrapped around a fast-paced show with first class production values that include great sound, choreography, dramatic lighting, set design and costumes.

The Bowfire company is composed of virtuoso string players who are at the forefront of their respective styles, combined with equally gifted and respected backup musicians: piano/keyboards, bass, drums/percussion, guitars and cello. Fiddlers in the company are world-class step dancers and tap dancers. This avalanche of talent is brought together under the guidance of Creator and Artistic Director, Lenny Solomon and Broadway acclaimed Stage Director, Stafford Arima.

Formed in June 2000, Bowfire made its debut performance the following month at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. Audience response was wildly enthusiastic, and the group was subsequently invited to perform on the Governor-General's Awards telecast, the Canadian equivalent of the United States' Kennedy Center Honors.

The ensemble made its American debut in a series of performances during the summer of 2001 in New York City, and embarked on their first U.S. tour during the 2002-2003 season. In December 2003 Bowfire made its Asian debut with performances in Taiwan. Bowfire has enjoyed many highly successful touring seasons since then and is currently touring North America, with over 100 performance dates scheduled for 2008.

Bowfire is a one of a kind musical and theatrical experience which strings together one show-stopping hit after another in a fast paced theatrically staged production.